5 Ways To Optimize Your Winter Workout

Man running with dog during a winter workout session

A winter workout is always subjected to the element of surprise. Depending on where you’re located it may frequently be too cold or icy to run, or there may be too much snow on the roads to even leave the house.

If you live in the Denver area or anywhere in the northern U.S, these kinds of cold weather surprises really shouldn’t be surprised at all. It’s time to develop a backup plan and to know how you’re going to get your exercise when the weather is less than ideal.

Make the Most of Your Winter Workout with these 5 Strategies

Go Outside Whenever You Can

There are plenty of days when the weather isn’t a factor. Make sure that you have the discipline to keep up with your outdoor runs on the days when it’s still possible. If there’s snow on the ground or it’s exceptionally cold out, your body will likely burn more calories as it works harder. While the temperatures may be colder, the sunlight is still intense, and an excellent source for vitamin D.

Find Acceptable Substitutes

If you are a bicyclist, rock climber, or general outdoor adventurist, the winter is the time to find a workout routine that will keep you in shape. This may mean hitting the gym with a personal trainer or finding a stationary bike. There are some facilities with indoor climbing walls as well. It’s time to get creative and figure out what you can do to maintain a high fitness level.

Boost Your Immunity to Avoid Down Time

With the right immunity-boosting nutrients and supplements, you can drastically reduce your amount of sick time. Eating healthy, home-cooked meals versus fast food burgers will help. Substituting sugary snacks with fruit and veggies can help as well. When you’re trying not to go down with a cold or flu, every food decision counts. Zinc and vitamin C can help strengthen your immune system and ward off colds and flu.

Get Creative Indoors

If you need a place to walk, some larger workout facilities have an indoor track. You could even walk around the outer edge of a larger grocery or department store. If you’re looking for an effective elevated heart rate cardio exercise, try jumping rope or even burpees. Neither requires much indoor space.

Find What Can Be Done at Home

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to be inactive. Bodyweight exercises can be a great way to develop strength. All it takes is a few free weights or some kettlebells to be able to greatly expand your workout in minutes. Chances are you have the resources for a truly excellent workout – you just need to implement them.


With a little creativity, you can still meet your fitness goals, even as the snow falls and the temperature dips. The key is to maintain a high level of discipline when it comes to your winter workout.

The cold temperatures can also provide an excellent time to go to the gym or hire a personal trainer to help with accountability and develop a customized workout regiment. Contact me today to find out more about how to optimize your winter workout!

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