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Raquel C.

Greg has been exceptional, he is attentive to my personal goals and pushes me each day to reach those goals. He is very knowledgeable and changes my workout every day to ensure I’m constantly staying motivated.

Carla G.

After every training session, I feel great and energetic! I am discovering that I can do more than I thought was possible and Greg makes sure to motivate me to find new strength in every session.

Deborah Z.

I like that he shows me proper form & gives positive feedback.

Jesus G.

I dislocated my elbow and Greg had really helped me gain function in the arm as well as just overall physical shape.

Irene B.

Working out with Greg was absolutely amazing. He taught me many things and pushed me past my limits where I didn’t think I could until now. I learned so many things from him and he’s there for you and your needs. I highly recommend that everyone who needs help in fitness come to him.

Sandra A.

Greg meets and exceeds all my expectations. I hadn’t worked out for a long time and needed the extra push so I found a personal trainer. I wanted to start running again and Greg helped me find the perfect balance between cardio and weight lifting. He’s also not bad to look at 😋 Seriously though, […]